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Friday, June 12, 2009

mass communication

mass communication
from email to phone
mass communication
can only make u alone
mass communication
fast and accessible
mass communication
thoughts are irrepressible
mass communication
brains and technology
mass communcation
kills cognitive psychology
mass communication
all on the surface
mass communication
burn it in a furnace?

By: me

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Worlds apart

In a world full of love,
there is the existence of evil;
for evil exists in love,
and love exists in evil.
Like in all people
there exists a saint and a devil,
is a devil capable of love?
and a saint capable of evil?
Upon opposite sides of the scale,
there are two opposite sides of man;
both strong and ready to fight,
for the cause of good or bad.
But it is within the human mind,
that only one of them can conquer -
it is God's given gift of choice,
that allows one to decide between
good and evil.

By: Me

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One of them days..

The icy cold wind woke her from her state of daydream as she wondered what went on yesterday, as she replayed the events a thousand times over she could not comprehend how and why it occurred. She tried to search for reasons, for clues, something that would lead her to the answer but all she got was blank excuses that made her realise how superficial she was.

She put away her laptop and got up out of bed to face the cold wind outside, no point moping around and thinking of the 'what ifs.' it was time to take control of her life and bring back the once forgotten innocent fun of her childhood days.

She decided to have a creative day and so she went outside in her sunlit but windy garden with her easel and paintbrush and painted her emotions onto canvas. She painted colours of red, blue and black all tangled into a knotted web of failure. Transference theory, that's what this was, transferring her shame, rejection and disappointment onto something, not ephemeral, but permanent so she could refer to it in the future as 'one of them days.'

Just one them days that she could put in the past but one day bring into her future to learn from her mistakes. To grow, to flourish and to blossom into a new flower.. not tomorrow... but today.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Friendless captivity...

Amidst the haze of cloud and dust that swirled unknowingly in front of her eyes, she saw what she thought to be a small light ascending from the pit of darkness that lay inevitably below her. In her lonely world of friendless captivity she felt the constricting cages bend and she reached out to feel the sweet touch of forgotten freedom. She reached further in the hope of breaking out of the cage but the dark pit below her only lulled her into sweet oblivion. As the forces of gravity sucked her below, deeper and deeper, her hands swayed in a frenzied attempt to defy gravity and prove that not all that goes up comes down.

Amidst the haze of cloud and dust that now swirled knowingly in front of her eyes, she saw the light brighter and clearer than ever. As she looked hesitantly below she saw her feet lift off the ground and the darkness dissolve into thin air. As her happiness overwhelmed her, she reached for the light, knowing that this time the cage would break under pressure and she would finally taste freedom. Sweet freedom. She lunged forward. She pushed hard. She fell. As she opened her eyes she knew that she had broken free.

Suddenly as she emerged from the cages the darkness was waiting on the outside. It enveloped and engulfed her in its sweet embrace. The darkness, the darkness would never let her be free. For freedom can never emerge from a past that is so dark. Gravity will always pull her back to her world of friendless captivity.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Dedicated to my one and only Smurf.

Not blogged in a while
living a new life
away from familiar faces
friends, family,
and unforgotten traces..

not blogged in a while
happy with my new smile
paving new paths
of past and present..

not blogged in a while
but not forgotten our times
of love, laughter
and life.

Aasiya x

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Open your eyes, open your mind.

I hate narrow minded individuals who think that anything different is an innovation to what is considered ‘right’ and ‘good’ in this society that we live in. I detest absolutely detest people whose minds are so small that they can not accept that some people like to try out new things, like to explore new avenues within reason and limit. That these small-minded twisted individuals can actually exploit these new ventures as something bad and frowned upon to similar narrow-minded individuals. I abhor feelings of jealousy that are spawned from the manacled brains of people who can not see past themselves, I abhor people who use this warped sense of confidence to taint other people and paint them all with the varnish of inferiority. I loathe, extremely loathe all the narrow-minded people of this world. I pray God opens your mind to what is above and beyond you, to what you can not accept, to what you can not see.

By: Me

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Poetry from my year 7 pupil


Love is your dream and life
Love is like a bang
when you jump in you can't jump out
love can conquer all
love is fair in love and war
love is an arrow
stabbing the heart which is purely red.

(Name omitted for pivacy)

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